Universitario de Deportes are the 2023 Liga 1 Champions!

Universitario defeated Alianza Lima 2-0 (3-1) on aggregate to win the 2023 Liga 1 Championship. The cremas drew 1-1 in the Monumental this past Saturday with a penalty goal by Alex Valera. Entering this match with a new game feel, the U dominated from start to finish. Edison Flores scored in the 3rd minute while Horacio Calcaterra had an absolute bender goal to seal the deal in the 80th minute. Alianza Lima barely had any threatening shots on goal.

It’s been 2 months since I last wrote on this blog and many things happened since then. The U struggled in the beginning of the Clausura and went on to win the Clausura title. The title win led Universitario to finish 2nd in the aggregate table behind Alianza Lima and qualify directly to both the 2023 Liga 1 Finals and the 2024 Copa Libertadores group stage.

Against all the odds, the U won their 27th title. It was a back and forth year and what made it sweeter is the U winning the title in MatUte.

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