Universitario vs Gimnasia y Esgrima match preview: Must-win match of 2023 thus far

Universitario vs Gimnasia y Esgrima match preview: Must-win match of 2023 thus far

Universitario will play in front of a sold-out crowd at the Estadio MonUmental vs Gimnasia where a spot to the next round of the Copa Sudamericana is on the line. Universitario only needs a win but also needs other results in their favor in order to qualify to the Round of 16. Gimnasia is also playing for a spot to the Knockout stages of the Sudamericana. It’s a must win match for both clubs and the (U) has the edge with the fans on their side tonight.

Key absences for Universitario tonight are Rodrigo Ureña & Nelson Cabanillas while Roberto Siucho makes a roster return after a long absence. The (U) are undefeated in their 2 Sudamericana matches with a 2-2 draw vs Goias & a 2-0 win vs Santa Fe. After a 1-1 draw in Cusco that could’ve been a win, the Cremas seek to redeem themselves with a win tonight.

There are scenarios for Universitario’s fate in the 2023 Copa Sudamericana. In order to have a direct qualification to the Round of 16, Universitario needs to win by 3 or more PLUS a Santa Fe win by 1 or 2 goals. That scenario gives Universitario and Santa Fe 10 points in Group but the (U) is the group winner by 1 goal. Shall those results happen but if the (U) fails to win by 3 or less, the it’s possible for the Crema’s to play in the Knock Out Stages. A draw between Santa Fe and Goias requires Universitario win by 4 goals in order to win the Group. A Goias road win at Santa Fe Bogota AND a Universitario win only pits the (U) to the Knock Out Stages.

A Univeristario loss brings danger and they need to have the help of Goias in order to have them in the KO Stages. Gimnasia wants revenge on the road ever since Universitario defeated them in Argentina back in April. Gimnasia needs a win PLUS a Goias win in order to play in the KO round, they currently sit in last place in Group G with 4 points.

Shall Universitario tie, well that can go either way good or bad. The good is they need Goias and Santa Fe to also go scoreless or the (U) needs to have a 1-1 or 2-2 draw just to clinch the KO stages. The bad is failing to do the latter and Santa Fe scores more in a draw or they just win at home. The Knock Out Stages is a new format to the Copa Sudamericana in order to build & increase competition which is exactly alike the UEFA tournaments. So many scenarios for this crucial night for all clubs in Group G.

Kickoff is at 9pm Lima time (10pm ET, 7pm PT) at the sold out 60,000+ Estadio MonUmental. An opportunity for a CONMEBOL trophy is on the line tonight with a talented squad. LET’S GO U!

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