Universitario de Deportes inaugurate the Museo Monumental

Universitario de Deportes inaugurate the Museo Monumental

Universitario de Deportes inaugurated the Museo Monumental last night inside the Estadio Monumental U Marathon. The new exhibit will now be the new home of all trophies, past kits, and other historical memorabilia (previously in Estadio Lolo Fernandez). U.S.-based non-profit organization Colectivo USA helped make the project into a reality.

Universitario now join giant clubs like Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, Manchester United, Boca Juniors, and River Plate in having a museum in their own stadiums. The trophies are the highlight of the museum with the 1934 Peruvian Championship trophy taking the spotlight. After many years of debate, the 1934 championship trophy is back home where it belongs. Match banners from historical matches and past kits are the centerpieces of the museum. And last but not least, the life size wax figure of Lolo Fernandez, the greatest player that donned the crema shirt.

The 1934 Peruvian Championship trophy, won by Universitario de Deportes (credit: Universitario de Deportes)

Colectivo USA members from the U.S., Canada, Peru, Spain, New Zealand, and Switzerland helped made this museum happen. A plaque dedicated to the contributors with a special thanks to historian Jaime Pulgar Vidal and Asociacion Guardia Crema. This is another project completed by Colectivo USA. Last year, the group did the Rinconcito de Lolo restaurant at the Estadio Lolo Fernandez as well as sponsoring the futsal-down and the women’s volleyball teams. The NGO group started with 20 members now has expanded to over 100 members. If you’re a Universitario fan and want to know more or be a part of Colectivo USA, click here.

Plaque of all the museum contributors (credit: Colectivo USA)

The Museo Monumental is now open and will be part of the Monumental tours from now on. More details on how to get tickets will be in Universitario’s website.

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