Binacional vs Universitario 1-2 match recap: Valera to the rescue!

Universitario escapes Cusco with a 2-1 win over Binacional in a thrilling win after being down 1-0 in the beginning. Alex Valera, who missed many close opportunities in past matches, scored the game winning goal. It was another match where the result could’ve been a lot better for the “U” but they had so many missed shots.

The match was played in Cusco instead of Juliaca due to the rain and floods in the region. Binacional opened scoring with a free-kick header goal by Andy Polar in the 16th minute. Universitario fired back and earned a penalty after a hand ball in the box. Emmanuel Herrera, who missed a penalty earlier in the season, converted the penalty to make it 1-1 in the 21st minute.

Universitario pressed on early in the 2nd half with so many missed opportunities. Binacional also had their share of close goals but also came short. During stoppage time where things look like to remain the same, Alex Valera scored the game winning goal in the 94th minute. Valera scored off a header and the sent all the visiting crema fans in Cusco home happy.

It was a near-perfect match for Universitario. If Andy Polo had not allowed Polar to be open and score, then the “U” could’ve had a shut out win. Defensively it was a good outing as well as the midfield who helped fed the attacks. This is the teamwork where it was lacked early on in the season.

The “U” came into this match in 13th place, now they sit in 6th place. Next match will be at the Estadio Monumental this Saturday vs ADT.

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