Universitario vs Melgar 1-0 match recap: Snapped the losing streak

Universitario ended their 3 game losing streak by defeating Melgar in a thrilling 1-0 victory. Piero Quispe created the scoring opportunity by shooting at goal until a Melgar defender, Alejandro Ramos, deflected the shot into the back of the net. The crema defense did their work by locking down Melgar for 90+ minutes.

Jorge “Coco” Araujo served as the interim manager since Jorge Fossati was not available to manage yesterday. Araujo used the same XI that Carlos Compagnucci used (4-5-1) with Alex Valera on top. They also played without key players Rodrigo Ureña, Matias Di Benedetto, and Horacio Calcaterra.

It was a match where many non-regular players stepped up in a big way. Williams Riveros improved tremendously as well as Piero Quispe. Quispe has been on the bench throughout the 4 matches as a sub despite being a key star in 2022. Martin Perez Guedes also played a great match as he covered the entire pitch offensively and defensively. However, the players who disappointed were Alex Valera & Andy Polo. Both continue to struggle and went in the entire match missing their chances.

Melgar played the match by “parking the bus”, a term where they played 8+ men behind the ball with little to no attackers. The method is not working for them as they came into yesterday losing all their matches thus far. After the “U” scored in the 56th minute, they quickly changed course and dominated possession. They had a perfect goal scoring opportunity by going passed Jose Carvallo into an open net until Piero Guzman (who came in as a sub) cleared the shot.

The “U” finally cut the losing streak and are back on track in the Apertura race. They are 4 points behind place holders Cesar Vallejo and Carlos Manucci (10 points each). New manager Jorge Fossati will likely making his managerial debut this Thursday vs Cienciano in the Copa Sudamericana or next week vs Binacional.

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