Universitario vs Alianza Lima 1-2 match recap: Same as last week

Universitario falls short 1-2 against arch rivals Alianza Lima in what was another match where they could’ve won easily. The “U” had so many scoring opportunities and could’ve capitalize on all of them. It was an encore of last week’s match vs Union Comercio where the creams had so many opportunities and failed on all of them. The only goal scored was Luis Urruti which his was unassisted.

After Alianza strikes first with a goal in the 19th minute, Universitario spent the rest of the 1st half attacking and pressing to find an equalizer but failed every time. The creams had a great chance in the opening minutes of the match but Jose Rivera was tangled up by the Alianza defense and couldn’t muster a shot on that play.

The 2nd half started off slow for Universitario with no creativity at all while Alianza added an insurance goal. Luis Urruti opened the scoring for the “U” with a good goal to make it 1-2. But it was all too late and time was against the cremas, and the match ended in another disappointing 1-2 loss vs Alianza.

It was a match where the game could’ve ended differently but again with all the misses, it was another costly result. Sloppy and no creativity leads to nothing and that’s what is going on with the “U” right now.

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