Union Comercio vs Universitario 1-0 match recap: Shot misses lead to a loss

Universitario falls 1-0 to Union Comercio in a match filled with “what could’ve been”. The match could have been a win but with so many near misses and lost opportunities, it was a costly defeat . Defense was also a let down from start to finish.

1st half started off with Union Comercio attacking and in the 4th minute the Tarapoto club had a shot that was denied by the crossbar. Minutes later, the “U” had a free kick shot by Andy Polo but it hit the left post. Alex Valera had a perfect shot opportunity only to shoot it high and wide above the goal. Valera had so many missed shots and had a goal annulled due to being offsides.

2nd half was filled with the same issues of missing shots and lucky misses by Comercio. Comercio had subs early in the 2nd half which became crucial when they scored in the 79th minute by Miguel Carranza. Carranza became a golden sub as he was faster with the ball than the crema defense. What also cost the “U” the game was the late substitutions made by Carlos Compagnucci. Compagnucci wanted to be cautious before the Clasico match next week but that mindset cost the “U” the match. Valera should’ve been subbed out early in the 2nd half while Emmanuel Herrera and Yuriel Celi were subbed in late in the match. With unlucky misses and tactical mistakes cost the “U” the match today in Tarapoto.

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