Universitario vs Cantolao 4-0 match recap: Strong start to 2023

Universitario vs Cantolao 4-0 match recap: Strong start to 2023

Universitario thrashed Cantolao 4-0 at the Estadio Monumental in their 2023 Liga 1 season debut. The match was played behind closed doors due to Peru’s civil unrest.

Universitario had a rocky start offensively where they had many tries but not many players weren’t marking well to create a scoring opportunity. The “U” got a one advantage after Cantolao defender Italo Regalado received a double yellow in the 35th minute. That advantage soon helped the cremas lead 1-0 after an own goal by Esteban Alzamora. The 1st half was a rough one offensively where the “U” had many opportunities to score but couldn’t complete them.

The 2nd half had a rocky start too after a series of near misses and errors. Andy Polo had a goal that was annulled due to being offsides despite the replay footage showed he was safely onside. Finally in the 65th minute, Polo assisted Martin Perez Guedes for the second goal of the match. Both sides played with 10 men when Piero Guzman received a double yellow in the 70th minute. As the match was nearing its close, Alex Valera delivered an unassisted goal in the 82nd minute. Luis Urruti came as a sub and scored with a tremendous free kick goal in the waning seconds of stoppage time.

Despite the rocky start in the match, Universitario clicked late in the second and thrashed Cantolao 4-0. Nelson Cabanillas was getting hit hard every time he had to fight for the ball. Rodrigo Ureña started off really slow but managed to patrol defensively and offensively in the match. Same with Perez Guedes, he also had a slow start to the match. Jose Carvallo also deserves positive credit to today’s victory. He made a crucial clearance save in the 5th minute and other saves in the 2nd half.

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