ADT 1 vs Universitario 1 match recap: Disappointing ending

by J.P. Devetori

After what seems to be a 1-0 win over ADT in Tarma, Universitario blew their chance to win on the road and allowed a late goal and finished the match with a 1-1 draw. This type of disappointment is nothing new but it should always be avoided and the club failed at doing so. There were some moments in the match that was positive such as Jose Carvallo’s and Aldo Corzo’s performance.

What went wrong: The crema defense always gives fans heart attacks each time the opponent has possession on the ‘U’ side or when players like Nelinho Quina or Federico Alonso has the ball or face 1v1 with an opponent. It always turns out bad for the ‘U’ and that was what happened yesterday. The defense allowed a careless penalty and luckily, Carvallo blocked the shot and prevented an ADT goal. Corzo had his best performance in a long time but once again, Alonso and Quina allowed the game tying goal to happen late in the match. Offensively, the centre midfielders were no where to be found. Piero Quispe kind of contributed to the match and Jordan Guivin scored in the 15th minute. Alfonso Barco continues to be a disappointment and starting him over Rodrigo Vilca is a dumb decision by Compagnucci. Vilca may not be a right winger but he can play the position better than Barco all day long. Andy Polo also did not contribute at all in the match while Alexander Succar had many great chances but he needed assistance in most of them, he could’ve scored if he had help and the ‘U’ would’ve won the match.

What went right: The ‘U’ had good scoring chances but came up short in most of them. Succar keeps improving in the striker position, he just needs better help the next match. Compagnucci now has to understand that Barco just isn’t the player to start anymore. Carvallo had a good performance as well with the nice penalty block.

The ‘U’ now heads home for a match vs Ayacucho this Saturday, hoping to get 3 points against the likely relegated club this season.

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