UCV 1 – Universitario 0 match recap: No claw, no passion, no heart

by J.P. Devetori

Universitario fell 0-1 to Univ. Cesar Vallejo in Trujillo in what was a poorly played and poorly managed match from the “U”. Everyone was in their bad day starting with the horrible defense led by Nelihno Quina who was to blame for the goal in the 14th minute. Jose Carvallo made a good save early in the match but was caught sleeping when UCV scored. Offensively, the cremas played very poor starting with the poor performances from Alfonso Barco and Gerson Barreto. Andy Polo also started off poorly but had a couple opportunities to score. Piero Quispe was literally no where to be found while Alexander Succar and Rodrigo Vilca where the only ones who were productive but again, struggled to score.

The other issue was Compagnucci’s substitution decisions. Claudio Yacob was seen warming up and ready to debut only to be sent back to the bench. Jordan Guivin, ‘Chiquitin’ Quintero, and Hernan Novick were tolerable subs but they were subbed late in the game.

As predicted, the “U” struggled when falling behind early but this time they seemed to not even bother to tie the game. Almost everyone played horribly while Compagnucci made bad tactical decisions. This Saturday must be a complete turnaround and we will be back home in front of what will be 20,000+ fans.

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