Universitario and Movistar launch ‘U’ TV, an exclusive channel for the greatest club in Peru

by J.P. Devetori

Universitario Administrator Jean Ferrari and Marketing Director of Movistar, Luis Garván held a press conference with the unveiling of exclusive Movistar channel ‘U’ TV. Universitario made football history, joining legendary clubs Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal and Benfica to have their own channel. Ferrari also discussed many other topics which will be listed below:

Gremco war: “Universitario criminally denounces Víctor Raúl Walde Aguilar and William Romero López, for allegedly committing falsification of documents. This man, together with Romero, has stopped working since 2021 (September and October). Remember that Walde filed an amparo action to lower Law 31279.” As both men falsified their documents, Gremco will lose this war.

Audits: “The AUDIT by BDO is already underway. Those reports will go to Indecopi and Sunat where it will be shown that the club was looted. The Audit will also investigate previous administrations and partners who did business with the (U) brand. Last year licenses sanctioned us for not paying Raúl Walde and Francisco Gonzales, who took a laptop with information about the club.”

ISM sponsorship: Ferrari added that about the new sponsor ISM (Industrias San Miguel), “there is a huge improvement on the previous contract with AJE.”

Future Training Complex: “This Monday May 16, will be the start of the work of high performance training center for the youth teams. It will be financed by the sponsors Marathon and Free Games.”

The disgraced GOLPERU: Ferrari agreed not to get involved in the case of the 1934 Cup. “We will not accept journalists who mess with the (U) story.”

Monumental news: Ferrari mentioned that there are talks with Luz del Sur and Sedapal for electricity and water connections in the Monumental. “Gremco delivered the temple without basic services, with this news we can apply for the finals of South America, Libertadores and Qualifiers. Work is being done 24/7 on the institutional issue and soon the cancer will be removed.

1st team news: Ferrari spoke about the Gutierrez sacking, “Alvaro Gutiérrez, had no problems with his departure and did not put obstacles.” He also mentioned the fake news about Luis Urruti’s release, “Tito Urruti is still with us, what other people say is just smoke.”

Offseason plans: “The sports manager will be presented in June, he will be responsible for hiring for the remainder of the year and the next. Jorge Araujo was found as coordinator, for which it was proposed to give him the opportunity as coach of the first team. The soccer team has gotten up and Coco’s hand is showing.”

Details of channel ‘U’ TV:

  • Universitario is the 1st club in Peruvian history to get their own channel.
  • Transmission by Movistar TV (Channel 17/HD 717) with +1000 hours of programming.
  • It will cover the news and references of the ‘U’.
  • Direct relationship with the crema fans.
  • It will be available to the viewing public as a subscription channel and with a monthly price of S/12.90.
  • A certain percentage of the channel’s monthly earnings will go to the club.
  • Hosts, panelists and commentators identified with the ‘Merengues’.
  • Soon, members and subscribers of ‘U’ Play will have exclusive benefits for this channel.
  • Agreement for 2 years with Movistar TV.

Universitario made history today by joining UEFA giants (and first from Latin America) to have their own channel and there are many great news as we head into the mid point of 2022.

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