Universitario 1 vs Sport Boys 1 match recap: Improved but result could’ve been better

by J.P. Devetori

Universitario drew Sport Boys 1-1 in what was an improved match for the cremas but the result could’ve been different. Jorge ‘Coco’ Araujo transformed the club’s offensive approach by winning possession and creating more set pieces in the first half (never did any of those under Alvaro Gutierrez). However, the “U” failed to score in each scoring opportunity throughout the first half which will come to bite them.

The second half was when the “U” finally saw a goal which was delivered by Alex Valera on a indirect kick play. Sport Boys scored the equalizer ten minutes later after a block by Jose Carvallo was rebounded by Jostin Alarcón and scored while Aldo Corzo, Alfonso Barco, and Nelinho Quina stood there and watched the ball go in. Both teams made numerous efforts to take the lead but failed to do so. Gerson Barreto received a red card even though he was the one receiving the foul.

The result could’ve been 2-1 or 3-1 Universitario if they would’ve capitalize their scoring chances in the first half. Despite the draw, their improvement on offense should not be overlooked and their performance should bring some hope to the fans. They need to keep it up since they have 7-8 matches to go. The cremas remain 5 points behind first place and they must keep on winning and rely on other results to reclaim the 1st place and win the Apertura.

The “U”‘s next opponent is against Atletico Grau in Piura this Sunday, May 1.

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