Barcelona SC 2 – Universitario 0 match recap: A disappointing second half

by J.P. Devetori

In what was a promising first leg of the Copa Libertadores 2nd Stage vs Barcelona SC, things went south for Universitario during the 2nd half in Guayaquil last night. After putting a solid first half where the score was 0-0, things look promising for the “U”. If they kept the score a 0 apiece, then the second leg at home would be a great opportunity to win easily in front of our fans. Well, it is now very difficult to do such a thing as now we are entering the second leg next Wednesday.

Barcelona scored their first goal in the 60th minute during a tight angle indirect kick which led to a header by Eryc Castillo. 20 minutes later, Barcelona scored again with a open net goal by Carlos Garces after an odd deflection landed in front of him. A very messy defensive second half by the “U” which leads them into a big 0-2 hurdle. It’s a big hurdle to jump over because they must score 2 goals to stay alive, 3 or more to win, AND cannot concede anymore goals to Barcelona. Anything is possible but at the same time, can’t keep our hopes up.

Team performance rating: D-

The first half like I said before, it was promising but the team imploded throughout the second half. The result could’ve been worse but here we are, at an 0-2 hole coming back home.

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