Carlos Stein 2 vs Universitario 1 match recap: A bad day for everyone

by J.P. Devetori

Not everyone in the “U” is going to stay perfect forever and that inevitable worst day came as the “U” came up short in a 2-1 away loss to Carlos Stein in Lambayeque. Everyone, even the “U”‘s best stars, had their bad day and the worst conditions made a factor to the loss: a crap hole field, extreme humid, and playing in the morning. Of course we can’t make any excuses after a loss and we have to keep our heads high.

After a silent first half, Universitario finally netted a goal by a Federico Alonso header in the 59th minute. Carlos Stein shortly tied the match after a series of poor communication in the crema defense that led Stein player Jhonny Mena to score an open opportunity and tied the match 1-1. Then the nightmare appeared when Stein scored the game winning goal during stoppage time which also another miscommunication from the crema defense and became an own goal.

But like always, the “U” must take one game at a time. One single should not define us for the whole season. There’s 15 more league matches to go and we have the Copa Libertadores coming up this week and next week. The team needs to stay focused and not be distracted, a focused “U” leads to many great outcomes.

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