Universitario vs Carlos Stein match preveiw: Let’s keep it going!

by J.P. Devetori

Universitario heads to Lambayeque to face Carlos Stein in match day 3 of Fase 1. The “U” sitting at the top of the table undefeated with 6 points, will seek to extend the winning streak and remain at the top of the table against the newly-promoted Carlos Stein.

The “U” heads into this match with the same roster as the past 2 weeks and key absences remain with Hernan Novick, Ivan Santillan, and Jose Murrugarra, all out due to injuries. The injuries isn’t a concern right now since the “U” has played well without them and look to continue the winning streak. Carlos Stein has no known key player to look out for. All the “U” needs to do today is to continue their improvement from their match vs USM by winning 50/50 balls but need to do as much counter attacks early on in the match.

There will be no livestream for today’s matchup due to technical difficulties but I will do my best to fix it by Wednesday for the Copa Libertadores matchup.

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