Universitario 3 vs Univ. San Martin 0 match recap: Our most dominant win (so far)

by J.P. Devetori

I’m 5 days late but I won’t miss out on giving the match recap of Universitario’s dominant win vs USM. The match was a big improvement from matchday 1 vs Cantolao. More crema players have fought for the ball more and contained the USM to limited attacks. One thing to fix however is that the U needs to create more attacks early on. Attacks came in the 2nd half but not many in the 1st half of the match.

Nelinho Quina scored the 1st goal of the match after an open net deflection in the 17th minute. After the end of a very quiet first half, the second half was more promising for the “U”. The increase in attacks led Alex Valera receive a perfect pass to score in the 71st minute. 15 minutes later, the “U” were awarded a penalty goal and Quina coverts the penalty to make it 3-0 cremas. USM was limited the entire match except that one chance where one of their defenders, Alvaro Ampuero, scored a hand ball goal which was overturned.

Team performance rating: A

It was a great team win. Offensively and defensively. What kept the “U” from an A+ perfect rating is the lack of offense in the first 45 minutes of the match. They only scored due to a open net goal for Quina. The team came in late for counter attacks in the 2nd half.

The 3-0 win marks the first win for Alvaro Gutierrez in his first match, a great start for his managerial tenure with the “U”. Next match will be on Saturday morning at Carlos Stein. Since Carlos Stein does not have TV rights from Gol Peru, the match won’t be seen therefore there will no live stream from our YouTube channel.

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