The mission for Universitario in 2022: Our time is now

by J.P. Devetori

Universitario has been through so much these past couple years. We came very close to winning the Liga1 championship in 2020 and had a disappointing campaign in 2021. The recent good news and acquisitions happening to the club ever since the 2021 season ended brings optimism for 2022. Here are the very important elements for a very great 2022 year for Universitario.

The Management: Ever since Jean Ferrari returned as Sporting Director and brought back Gregorio Perez as Manager, the club has been heading into the right direction. The arrival of Ferrari and Perez came during a dark time for the club as the U kept on losing and drawing their matches which some of those matches should’ve been wins. Perez’s experienced leadership led the club to a 6 match winning streak to close out the 2021 season. It was a great end to the 2021 season and it brought a lot of optimism into 2022. Perez changed the unfocused and lost U into a united and quick-thinking U, and that is what makes us dangerous heading into the 2022 season.

The Players: The key players that led us into the 6 match winning streak were extended to stay for the 2022 season (Luis Urruti, Hernan Novick). The arrivals of Alfonso Barco, Joao Villamarin, and Angel Cayetano boosts our offensive arsenal. The nationalization of Alberto ‘Chiquitin’ Quintero is also important to note due to potentially giving us an extra international spot but it is likely to wait after the Apertura season. The united and high-chemistry lineup from 2021 is now powerful with the additions made heading into 2022.

The Fans: The Crema fanbase is the heart of the club as well as the voice. The club needs us more than ever before. More fans has joined the fight to defeat the debts by being a monthly donor to EmbajadUr Crema and being a socio for the club (Socio Crema, Socio Adherente). What also helps the club financially is buying original such as buying the jerseys out of Marathon and other merchandise out of TiendaCrema. We also have an enemy in Gremco, Sunat, and other corrupt groups and our voices are our tools to defeat the evil groups. Our voices has helped bring back Ferrari and Perez back into the club and return to our winning ways, now we must continue raising our voices to keep them. We must continue to stay vigilant and use our voice to help the club.

I am very optimistic for 2022 and our club has the elements to win the Liga1 championship as well as performing well in the 2022 Copa Libertadores. Our time is now! Y Dale U!

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