Universitario press conference recap: December 13

Universitario press conference recap: December 13

by J.P Devetori

Universitario manager Gregorio Perez and sporting director Jean Ferrari made a press conference presenting new international signee Angel Cayetano. Cayetano was a focused acquisition from Perez and his role will be both an offensive and defensive midfielder, patrolling the field at all times. Here are some of the key points made in the press conference today.

Cayetano: Cayetano spoke about his new opportunity with Universitario “I didn’t play the games I expected (in my teams abroad). I have to arrive at Universitario at the right moment. I will try to do my best to be at the height of this institution.”…”When I was in Cusco, I always wanted to go back. Also when I came with Cerro Largo in the presentation of the “U”, I was impressed. Today I get to be part of this and I am enjoying it.”

Friendlies: Gregorio Perez announced 2 friendlies to warm up the team before the start of 2022 season and the Copa Libertadores “On the 21st we ave a match against Municipal and on the 28th against Cantolao. We are working on an additional matchup.”

Noche Crema: Jean Ferrari spoke about Noche Crema, relating to who Universitario will face “Due to scheduling, its difficult for the Noche Crema to have an Uruguayan or Argentine opponent. The most propable is that the opponent is from Colombia.”

Women’s team: Ferrari confirmed that the women’s team will be presented at Noche Crema and there will be a triangular for them.

Chiquitin’ nationalization: Both Perez and Ferrari explained that the Alberto ‘Chiquitin’ Quintero nationalization is still ongoing and will be completed anytime soon.

Socio adherentes: Ferrari announced that the club reached over 5,500 socios!

Fight against corruption: Ferrari was defiant against the corrupt acts of Gremco “I will continue to lead, they will not wear me out.”…”Today SUNAT recognizes the current debt payments that have not been paid. In addition, those responsible for leaking information about the club have been removed in their entirety.”

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