Universitario press conference recap: November 25

Universitario press conference recap: November 25

by J.P. Devetori

Universitario sporting director Jean Ferrari held a press conference alongside marketing director Daniel Amador and club legends Jose Luis “El Puma” Carranza, Martin Rodriguez, and Mauro Cantoro to launch the newly formed Socio Adherente.

The Socio Adherente is for fans to become members of the club and have many benefits included in the membership as well as different ways to pay (see second photo). Amador mentioned that the benefits include: tickets sale priority; discounts on Tienda Crema, Marathon, Universitario Play, and others; Tour Monumental; exclusive visits to Estadio Lolo Fernandez and Campo Mar; and entry to club raffles.

Jean Ferrari spoke on the subject of future friendlies: “We don’t have any friendlies planned right now but we do plan on having one abroad in January 29” That abroad friendly is likely to be in Miami, Florida, United States but it is not confirmed yet.

“La Puma” Carranza spoke about the financial issues and how the need of the Socio Adherente not only helps bring in revenue but for a better experience for the fans.┬áRodriguez and Cantoro (Tiago’s father) spoke that the fans deserve to see the club win more titles since “we are the most successful club in Peru with the most titles and the most victories in the Libertadores”.

All speakers brought in optimism heading into 2022 with a stronger squad and a better experience for fans. Fans now have the blueprint to end both the “Deuda Corriente” and “Deuda Concursal”.

The Socio Adherente is to pay off the Deuda Corriente (debt is 55 million soles) while EmbajadUrCrema is to pay off the Deuda Concursal. We still have a mission to do as fans by helping our club escape this problem that’s been plaguing us for over 20 years. Now we finally have found the root and end of this problem, now its our time to step forward and make Universitario debt free.

Again there are 2 ways to accomplish this: be a Socio Adherente and be a contributor for EmbajadUr Crema either by paying monthly or a one-time donor. A debt-free Universitario will make a great future for our club.

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