Universitario press conference recap: November 2

Universitario press conference recap: November 2

by J.P. Devetori

Club Administrator Jean Ferrari and manager Gregorio Perez had a press conference early today focusing on the plans for 2022 as well as the off the field issues such as the financial stance and budgeting. Here are the topics that were addressed:

Budget: The budget will be minimized for the men’s team while the women’s team budget will not be touched as Ferrari stated “Women’s football budget will not be touched at all, and it will be continue to be respected.” Since the men’s budget will be minimized, there will be no chance for the U to acquire Jonathan Dos Santos this year. “The topic of Jonathan Dos Santos signing is unreliable. Economically speaking, we are not in the ability to bring in a player that we know the cost of what it represents.”

Debt: The U’s goal to end their debt problem now has a blueprint. Ferrari reported that there is now a payment agreement with Sunat and the payments will be paid in installments. The debt has also been reduced by a considerable amount. The U have also begun to pay television rights to FPF and this year, only 2 installments have been paid. With all the payments being done, the current debt is greater than S/ 43 million ($10.7 million) and the bankruptcy debt is in legal proceedings. Efforts being made to keep reducing the debts and pay them in an orderly manner.

Projects: Ferrari announced the remodeling of the Estadio Lolo Fernandez. The remodeling project has a unique Stadium-Shopping Center concept. Regarding Campo Mar, Ferrari proposed a possibility of having a gas station in the complex. “We are looking at the possibility of having a gas station in Campo Mar to generate income.”

Sponsorship: Ferrari reported that 2 important brands have been added for 2022.

Players: Perez and Ferrari mentioned that there will be changes in the roster. Also, the process for the nationalization of Alberto Quintero began. The nationalization will be beneficial for the U roster which will give us an extra foreign slot.

Fans: Noche Crema will be on Saturday January 8th. Ferrari contemplated the creation of an account to pay the current debt, in which the fan can participate directly.

2022: The preseason will begin on Monday December 6 and our first announced matches were the Copa Libertadores 2nd Stage which will be on February 23 (leg 1) and March 2 (leg 2). It is still unknown when Liga 1 will release their 2022 calendar.

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