Universitario vs Cusco FC match recap: 5 WINS IN A ROW!

Universitario vs Cusco FC match recap: 5 WINS IN A ROW!

by J.P. Devetori

Universitario defeated Cusco FC 2-1 to make it 5 victories in a row. This win streak is a pattern ever since the arrival of Gregorio Perez, simple and smart fútbol. The victory keeps us in the Copa Libertadores picture while Cusco hopes to avoid relegation are slim. The match was also a debut for the U’s 75th anniversary jersey of the first Bicampeon in club history.

Like always, the first half was rocky with back and forth misses and misleading plays that led to nothing. And once again, the 2nd half scoreboard was lit up by no other than Luis Urruti and Alex Valera (49′ & 57′). Cusco snuck a goal in the 64th minute by Anier Figueroa. Cusco had a couple more chances to tie but the U managed to hold on to the lead and win 5 straight matches.

Universitario’s status on qualifying to the Copa Libertadores is still not secure due to the small lead over Cesar Vallejo and Melgar in the aggregate table. One more victory puts the U into the second stage of the Copa Libertadores, a tie or loss can mean trouble for their qualification to the Eternal Glory. The Crema’s next and final opponent of the 2021 season will be Melgar but day and time is not announced.

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