Bolivia vs Peru match recap: The most disappointing match ever played

Bolivia vs Peru match recap: The most disappointing match ever played

by J.P. Devetori

Peru played in one of the most awful performances against the worst national team of the continent. Bolivia won 1-0 but it should’ve been 3-0 Peru or just 0-0. Everyone who played are to blame for the result.

Bolivia always has the high-elevation advantage every time when they are home. But they’re so bad that they struggle to muster goals. If Argentina or Brazil has this type of advantage, they would never lose or tie at home forever. The high-elevation made the entire Peru XI slow, mistake-prone, and completely lost. Peru also couldn’t take the one-man advantage after Bolivia’s Henry Vilca received a red card. The tactical decisions made by Ricardo Gareca was another factor to the loss. First, how can you not start Santiago Ormeño and Raziel Garcia? They have experience in playing high elevation. Second, why sub in Oslimg Mora before Ormeño or Garcia? Third, why in God’s green earth did we had 6 Peru defenders jammed up and still couldn’t prevent the first goal? That jam proved how unorganized the squad was.

The other results put Peru back to square 1. We are not fully eliminated but we have a tougher path to a qualification since we couldn’t avoid a loss to Bolivia. We remain 5 points out of 3rd and 4th place, and 4 points out of 5th place which means we’re 2 games out of a qualification spot.

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