U vs Univ. Cesar Vallejo match preview

U vs Univ. Cesar Vallejo match preview

by J.P. Devetori

Universitario plays against Univ. Cesar Vallejo on match day 14 at 3:30 Peru time (4:30 Atlantic, 1:30 Pacific). The Cremas are heading into this match with a 2-game win streak and each win were done in excellent all-around team dominance. Hernan Novick returns from injury absence and joins the red-hot squad. His return will bolster the playmaking chemistry that this team has shown from the last 2 matches. Enzo Gutierrez and Aldo Corzo remains on the injury shelf this week.

UCV has edged the Cremas for awhile. The last time the U defeated UCV was back in February of 2019, after that was all dominated by UCV. It’s time that the Merengues end the drought and extend the win streak to 3. UCV has known players such as veteran Christian Ramos and Donald Millan, and rising star Renzo Garces. If the Cremas dominate as a team like the past 2 matches and avoid crucial mistakes, then it should be a another great win in the Profé Gregorio Perez era.

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