Sport Huancayo vs Universitario match recap: Escaped with a victory

Sport Huancayo vs Universitario match recap: Escaped with a victory

by J.P. Devetori

Universitario escaped with a 3-1 victory in the most memorable way vs Sport Huancayo yesterday. The Cremas almost had the match blown to a draw due to poor officiating. The goals however, were scored in the most creative ways possible from Piero Quispe, Luis Urruti, and Alberto ‘Chiquitin’ Quintero. The best player of the match had to be Jose Carvallo, who blocked 2 penalties.

Quispe scored the first goal of the match with a bullet to the back of the net in the 18th minute and it was from a tricky angle. Then 11 minutes later, Urruti scored in one of the most fanciest single handed plays you’ll ever see. Urruti danced his way to the penalty box and broke ankles to score the second goal of the match. Universitario almost blew a perfect half where they allowed a penalty in the 40th minute but Carvallo made the save to keep it 2-0 Cremas.

Universitario entered the second half with an objective to play smart futbol. If they let Sport Huancayo make mistakes, they can capitalize them and win easily. The plan didn’t pan out and Huancayo dominated possession throughout the second half. In the 78th minute, Huancayo substitute Luis Benites scored a free-kick goal to put Huancayo on the board. Huancayo immediately were awarded a penalty even though there was no foul on the play. Carvallo made another save and once after he saved the penalty, Alexander Succar (who came as a substitute for Alex Valera) led in what was the most spectacular team plays, assisted ‘Chiquitin’ to score and make it 3-1 Cremas.

Universitario put on the best team performance of the year. Their next match will be Univ. Cesar Vallejo this Sunday at 3:30 Peru time (4:30 Atlantic, 1:30 Pacific).

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