Univ. San Martin vs U match recap: A much needed win

Univ. San Martin vs U match recap: A much needed win

by J.P. Devetori

In the first match in the new Gregorio Perez era, Universitario were dominant with a 2-0 win over Univ. San Martin. The match was a complete difference from the disgraced Comizzo era. Instead of 50/50 possession and opponents finding easy ways to score early, the first half vs USM was the opposite. The Cremas dominated possession and had several chances to score. It was until the second half when Luis Urruti, whose been struggling all year, scored in the most crucial moment possible. In the 90th, substitute Tiago Cantoro, son of former Crema Mauro Cantoro, scored his first professional goal to seal the victory for Universitario.

Gregorio Perez’s first match back showed how much he changes everything for Universitario like we never seen before. What the U needs to improve is to correct their sloppy mistakes when they captured possession in the opponent’s penalty box. Universitario was in USM’s penalty box over a dozen times but only scored twice which they could’ve got a few more goals along the way. Each player who were struggling such as Urruti and Rafael Guarderas (who had a great performance), now found a sense of belonging in a tactical sense.

Next match will be against Deportivo Municipal on Sunday 9/19.

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