Sport Boys vs Universitario (0-0) match recap: A draw and a brawl

Sport Boys vs Universitario (0-0) match recap: A draw and a brawl

by J.P. Devetori

Yesterday’s match vs Sport Boys ended with a no surprise 0-0 draw. I knew the 0-0 result was coming since the U was without Alexander Succar and ‘Chiquitin’ Quintero. Without them, there was no additional threats to help Hernan Novick and Alex Valera score. The U did have a few scoring opportunities at the end of the match to win but like I said, without Succar and ‘Chiquitin’, it is hard to execute a solid scoring opportunity with the limited offensive talent we got. The most interesting event from the match was in the 81st minute when Jose Carvallo and Boy’s Ernest Nungaray clashed and brawled a bit which resulted in both players getting red carded. Universitario will face another Chalaco based club, Cantolao, this Saturday before the league heads into international break.

Great News: Universitario Feminina team qualified into the semis of the Liga Feminina Playoffs. The Leonas will face the winner of the Carlos Manucci vs Sporting Cristal women’s match.

Other Great News: The Peru Football Federation (FPF) annouced that Universitario successfully appealed the one-point deduction from the aggregate table. Now Universitario is back to normal from 24 points in the aggregate table to 25.

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