U vs Sport Boys match preview

U vs Sport Boys match preview

by J.P. Devetori

Universitario will square off against Sport Boys at 3:30pm (4:30 Atlantic, 1:30 Pacific). This will be the first match with interim head coach, Juan Pajuelo, who took over after Angel Comizzo’s resignation following U’s loss on Wednesday. There are major absences however, ‘Chiquitin’ Quintero remains in the injury shelf and he is joined by Alexander Succar, Brayan Velarde and Nelinho Quina who are all out due to injuries. Sub-20 players Leonardo Rugel, Piero Quispe, and Alessandro Larios will replace them in the roster call-ups.

Sport Boys had their last match postponed due to COVID-19 but they won their last 2 matches before the match 7 postponement. This isn’t the old Sport Boys who were almost relegated years ago so the U must not be too confident heading into this match. It will be difficult since we will be without ‘Chiquitin’ and Succar to be our offensive reinforcements but we have faith in Hernan Novick.

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