Universitario vs Alianza Lima (1-2) match recap: Result could’ve been worse

Universitario vs Alianza Lima (1-2) match recap: Result could’ve been worse

by J.P. Devetori

The headline says it all. It could’ve been worse, we were saved by the cross bar and posts. But 2 Alianza Lima goals were in due to the terrible defensive performance made by Universitario last night. It what was Angel Comizzo’s last match as head coach of Universitario, he continued the ongoing bad tactical decisions by putting in the wrong players. A 3-man defense was not going to stop Alianza at all and Alianza proved that the entire match. Each scoring attempt they actually had more players in the Universitario box than U defenders. A much improved team like Alianza, you cannot underestimate them with a 3-man defensive rotation.

Carvallo also has the blame to this loss since he made the crucial error by second guessing the ball. Comizzo did only one good decision by putting Succar in the starting XI and his presence early in the match was good and had a close goal in the first 5 minutes of the match. The blow to our offensive arsenal was the hamstring injury of ‘Chiquitin’ Quintero, we were nothing without him. The nightmare match ended with a 1-2 loss to Alianza. The Nelson Cabanillas goal was the best one of the entire match since it came from an impossible angle.

The nightmare ended the same night however with the resignation of Comizzo. The departure of Comizzo marks the beginning of many fixes for Universitario. We need better defensive reinforcements, Aldo Corzo cannot do everything himself. The match vs Sport Boys this Sunday will be our first match with the new manager, Juan Pajuelo. We will see how he is as a manager.

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