U vs Alianza Lima match preview

U vs Alianza Lima match preview

by J.P. Devetori

Tonight Universitario will face their arch rivals Alianza Lima in the Peruvian Clasico at 7:30pm (8:30 Atlantic, 5:30 Pacific). Alianza Lima were relegated last season but due to lawyering up to TAS, Alianza Lima were granted to stay in the Primera. This isn’t the lousy Alianza Lima squad from last year however. They have gone to improve with a different set of players this year.

Universitario has been getting points in the last 3 matches but this is the most important match of the year since its been over 500 days since our last Clasico. Federico Alonso and Gerson Barreto return from injury which is a plus for the Crema defense and midfield. If Angel Comizzo just starts Alexander Succar in the starting XI, we would see many of scoring chances that could be successful. If Succar was to be bench, he must not be the last sub in like last match. If we use the same playbook to dominate possessions, I can see a victory in our hands but we need the right players like Succar to do so from the start.

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