Ayacucho vs U (1-1) Match Recap: STOP BENCHING SUCCAR

Ayacucho vs U (1-1) Match Recap: STOP BENCHING SUCCAR

by J.P. Devetori

The same tactical mistakes came to haunt us again in yesterday’s match vs Ayacucho. Luckily Ayacucho isn’t a strong team that could’ve beat us easily but we should’ve won the match if we had just one thing: Put Succar in the starting XI. For the last 2-3 matches that Succar has played, he earned to be in the starting XI. If Angel Comizzo didn’t want to put Succar in the lineup for big matches, then yesterday’s match was no excuse to keep him in the bench. Succar could’ve made some early magic to help extend our lead but Comizzo’s ongoing terrible coaching decisions continues to bite us.

Hernan Novick scored the lone U goal in the 33rd minute with an amazing assist by Alex Valera. Novick had another goal assisted by Valera but it was annulled since Valera was offsides. The Ayacucho goal could’ve been easily avoided thought, but it was Brayan Verlarde’s foot that took an ugly deflection into the back of the net from a shot by Ayacucho’s Robert Ardiles.

Another disappointing result in what should’ve been a W but we should always focus on the next which is against our greatest rivals on Wednesday 8/18. We will also release our site logo for the first time on Clasico day. Stay tuned.

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