U vs Cienciano (3-1) Match Recap: A much needed win

U vs Cienciano (3-1) Match Recap: A much needed win

by J.P. Devetori

Universitario captured a much needed win over Cienciano. The match was filled with back and forth action and poor officiating. The U was awarded a penalty in the 24th minute (good steal since there wasn’t much contact) and Hernan Novick scored the penalty. Alex Valera had a great open net scoring chance but was denied by the Cienciano defense. And during stoppage time in the first half, the ref once again awarded a bad penalty call for Cienciano. Cienciano winger Juan Romangnoli scored the penalty to even 1-1.

The game showed so many scoring threats for the U before halftime and there was hope that the Crema’s could win. After so many challenges, the Crema finally were awarded a penalty in the 76th minute and Enzo Gutierrez scored his first goal of the season to lead 2-1. Alexander Succar scored the final dagger to Cienciano during stoppage time to win 3-1.

It was the type of win the club needed. If it wasn’t for the bogus penalty calls, the U still would’ve won but it doesn’t matter. What I want to see in the next match is to see Succar become starter vs Ayacucho. He had great scoring chances (before his goal) that it would be great to see more from him from the start of the match. Another great defensive performance since there were no fatal errors, the penalty call was bogus so the defense should not worry about that. All around great team win. Onto Saturday vs Ayacucho!

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