U vs Carlos Manucci (1-3) Match Recap. One of the worst finishes this year

U vs Carlos Manucci (1-3) Match Recap. One of the worst finishes this year

by J.P. Devetori

In what I and many Crema fans believe it was going to be a simple win, turned out to be a disaster result. Universitario dominated the first half with possessions and shots on goal which Hernan Novick successfully scored in the 18th minute. Novick’s goal came as a rebound like last week. Corzo started the play with a cross to ‘Chiquitin’ Quintero who headed the ball to Alex Valera who also headed the ball right to Novick who scored, a perfect team play.

The “U” needed to do exactly what they did in the first half but Manucci turned the tables. In the 47th minute, Manucci’s Felipe Rodriguez scored a screamer free kick goal. The shot came so fast that it was impossible for Jose Carvallo to tip it away. Manucci’s in the 53rd minute was luckiest as it gets with a open net deflection goal. Mauro Guevgeozián opened the play with a shot that hit the left post with Carvallo under it as he tried to block it and the ball landed right in front of the goal with no Universitario player defending the open net and Relly Henry Fernández was right there to tap it in for the second goal for Manucci. It just gets worse as time goes on as the “U” didn’t rally for a single shot on goal. The final nail on the coffin was in the 99th minute (stoppage time) when we had 5 defenders not even trying to prevent Felipe Rodriguez’s brace to make it 3-1 Manucci. Rafael Guarderas was seen to be the only one trying to stop the play but the other defenders were just standing there and let the 3rd goal happen.

This is one of the worst 2nd halves I’ve ever seen and the club proves that they’re only good for 45 minutes. The best way to prevent more of these nightmare results is to fire Angel Comizzo. This isn’t the first time that something like this happened. It happened in last year’s Fase 2 and this year’s Fase 1. Next fixture is against Sporting Cristal and they have our number in recent years. The club must improve drastically to beat the reigning Liga 1 champions.

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