U vs Carlos Manucci Match Preview

U vs Carlos Manucci Match Preview

by J.P. Devetori

Universitario will face Carlos Manucci this afternoon for the 3rd match of Fase 2 at 1:15pm (2:15pm Atlantic, 11:15am Pacific). Manucci is coming off a a pair of losses vs Deportivo Municipal and vs Sporting Cristal in the Copa Bicentenario Final. The “U” can take advantage of Manucci’s struggles with the return of Aldo Corzo. According to Depor, Corzo is “100% ready to go back in the starting lineup”. The returns of our key starters are beneficial for the club and was proven to be true last week with a 1-0 win over UTC. Without them, we lose or draw with weaker clubs such as Alianza Atletico 1-1 in match 1.

Key players to watch: Alberto ‘Chiquitin’ Quintero, Aldo Corzo, Hernan Novick (U). Javier Núñez, Felipe Rodríguez (Manucci).

Other news: Universitario women’s will face Alianza Lima women’s in match 10 of the Liga Femenina at 3:30pm (4:30 Atlantic, 1:30 Pacific). Both clubs are neck and neck for the top of the table with the ‘Leonas’ ahead of Alianza by a +2 goal differential. This is a crucial match for the ‘Leonas’ since they have a bye next week. This is a must win game.

Updates for both the men’s and women’s will be on our Twitter @CremaTribune.

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