U vs UTC Match Preview

U vs UTC Match Preview

by J.P. Devetori

Universitario is set to face UTC at 3:30pm today (4:30pm Atlantic, 1:30 Pacific) for their 2nd match of Fase 2. UTC is heading into this match also coming out of a draw vs Deportivo Municipal last week. Looking at this match up, the “U” should take advantage of UTC’s weaknesses displayed from their match vs Municipal. UTC had a one man advantage for 20 minutes and couldn’t muster a single threat to score. The club showed that they aren’t a well improvised tactical team.

The “U” should also learn from their mistakes in the Alianza Atletico match last week. If the club manages to do both objectives, they should get the 3 points today. The “U” will be without Aldo Corzo (no return date but the injury isn’t serious and was seen practicing the other day). The good news ahead of the match are the returns of Alberto Quintero (back from the Gold Cup), Hernan Novick and Armando Alfageme (suspension). Their returns should bring a positive impact into the match.

Key players to watch: Alberto Quintero, Gerson Barreto, Alexis Valera (Universitario). Ray Sandoval, Alexi Gomez (UTC).

Post match recap and analysis will be posted later today. Follow our Twitter @CremaTribune for match tweets.

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